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About Michael McCright

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, educator, coach, and motivational speaker, Michael has invested many years in developing the processes required to facilitate a program, which enhances the healing process and lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. He specializes in helping people develop the lifestyle that they desire and deserve.

He has been involved in nutrition, sports, martial arts and various healing arts for the past 29 years.


His expertise in the Massage arena allows him to locate, identify and define the chronic holding patterns that create an imbalance in people's lives. His ability to Combine Deep Tissue Massage along with Breathing Techniques, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, R.B., Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, TFT, as well as 12 step work; provides a powerful program for healing.

Michael loves to work with individuals and assist and guide them in attaining their goals.

What do we mean by Holistic Health?

Holistic Health is the process by which we assume responsibility for our health and well- being.

Holistic Health observes the entire being, the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Holistic Health approaches agree that the body and mind are not separate and that they are intimately connected.

Holistic Health seeks out the problems, rather than trying to cover up the symptoms.

Holistic Health involves all modalities, Allopathic as well as the complementary approaches; keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to alleviate the problem, not mask the symptoms.


BodyMind Connection
Michael McCright H.H.P., D.D.
9302 Carlton Hills Blvd.
Santee, CA. 92071

Michael McCright's Autobiography

Hi, I'm Michael, a down-home boy from South Dakota. I've lived a lot of life and I'm now ready to give a little back. (If I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.)

I know/understand that wisdom is gained by experience but I also believe that insight from others who have gone before can be equally important.

My life has run parallel paths. As with many of us, I was raised in a very dis-functional family - inside I was a mess but the illusion I presented to the outside world was one of being in control. A leader on the outside, a insecure little boy on the inside. I learned how to work hard as a child - my own paper route at age 8 till I was 15. When I gave it up at age 15, my father labeled me as a quitter. I finished High School, held various jobs and took in a year of college, sold encyclopedias door to door for almost a year, worked for AMF, on the Titan II missile program and then joined the Navy, who was so kind as to teach me Electronics.

I spent 7 years in the Navy, 3 1/2 years on Submarines and 3 1/2 years teaching Electronics. It was at this time that my life (career) started taking parallel paths. While on submarines I self taught myself Hypnosis and used it to help others with various life challenges (plus a little party fun here and there.)

In (1967) while teaching Electronics at the Treasure Island naval station, I was selected to teach Aerobics, a new exercise concept developed by Dr. Kenneth Cooper. By (1976) I was fully entrenched in corporate America, working my way up the corporate ladder. It was at that time that I joined Shaklee Corporation, a network marketing company and began to seriously study nutrition.

By the 80's I had worked my way into that cherished Senior V.P., position I had always wanted and was working 10 to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, building (their) dreams and not my own. So, in 1987, an associate and I formed our own company with a totally new concept in advertising. Four and a half years, $850,000 later, with contracts with 94.6% of the Grocery Chains across the U.S. and major discussions and tentative ongoing contracts with some major corporations we had to close the doors due to lack of initial capital financing.

Now, I can say; "Oh Well", but at the time I was having some chronic back spasms. I visited Orthopedic surgeons, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Dr's of Acupuncture, Massage Therapists, you name it If I thought it could help, I sought it out. I read Dr. Sarno's book, Mind Over Back Pain, in which he states: "As we hurt more, we do less, as we do less, we tighten up more, as we tighten up more, we hurt more." A vicious circle. So, I started working out more, 6 days a week, 1 ½ hrs. per day. It helped some but not a lot. One day at the fitness center a man introduced me to a nutritional product. Eleven days later I noticed a profound change. I could put on my own socks, myself, without help. Wow!!

It was during this time, that I did a life examination and realized that one of my paradigms: That you work hard, play hard, you break, go to a Doctor, he fixes you, so you can continue to work hard and play hard. It was with that realization / awareness, that I understood that it was up to me to change. In retrospect, those problems were the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I have moved into the arena of Healing. Working with solutions instead of the symptoms. Working from the aspect of prevention instead of treatment. Knowing and understanding that "Together (with a Higher Power working in my life) I Can" have a tremendous impact on myself, others and this world in which we live.

My goal today is to assist one million people, directly or indirectly to become happy, joyous, and free to live a GOD filled life. My hope is that YOU decide to join US on the Journey.

Yours in Opulence,

Michael McCright

H.H.P. Holistic Health Practitioner

M.T. Massage Therapist, Certified

National Certification by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Certified Member of Associated Bodyworker & Massage Professionals

Reiki, Certified Level 2

Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified level 1

Thought Field Therapy, Certified for Levels 1 & 2

C. Ht. Certified Hypnotherapist

D. D. Doctor of Divinity, Universal Life Church

Member of Santee Ca. Chamber of Commerce

Ran America's Finest City Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) at age 59

Walked up Mt. Whitney (14,494 feet) at age 60.

Ran Rock and Roll Marathon (26.2 miles) (2003) at age 60.

Continued to run the America's Finest City Half Marathon in 2003, 2004, and 2005


BodyMind Connection
Providing Holistic Alternatives
Services Provided & Methods Used


STRESS REDUCTION: Specializing in Therapeutic Massage, Meditation training, Training in Breathing techniques, Aromatherapy, Hypnosis, Full Body Detoxification, Hot Rock Massage and Aromatherapy Massage

NUTRITIONAL COACHING: Weight Loss, Digestive problems, Identifying deficiencies that can lead to degenerative processes, Full Body Detoxification, Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Hypnotherapy

PHOBIA RELEASE: Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Hypnotherapy

CHRONIC PAIN RELEASE: Deep Tissue Massage, Nutritional suggestions, Magnetic Therapy, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Full Body Detoxification, Aromatherapy Massage, and Hot Rock Massage

ADDRESSING EMOTIONAL CONFLICTS: Aromatherapy, Breathing Techniques, Massage Therapy (learning to respond instead of reacting to stimuli) Practice being in the NOW, Hypnotherapy, Rebirthing (A breathing process)

WORKSHOPS AND TALKS: Holistic Approaches to Life, Using Slight Edge Theory for Lifestyle Enhancement, Stress Management, Pain Management, Aromatherapy, and Aromatherapy Massage sometimes called Raindrop Therapy

MLM utilizing Sisel International, offering Many State of the Art health enhancing products.
(Click Here) Trainings on Tuesday evenings - call to confirm.

BodyMind Connection
9302 Carlton Hills Blvd.
Santee, CA. 92071
(619) 596-6920