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Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Defined
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Basic 10 Fragrances

AGILITY precisely formulated blend of ginger root, wild rosemary, lavender, cajeput, juniper berry, peppermint, eucalyptus, and marjoram may assist the body in soothing tired, aching muscles and soreness caused by physical activity.

CEDARWOOD provides an exhilarating tonic for the scalp and face to help the body deal with dandruff and acne. It can also be massaged into the skin for soothing relaxing muscle rubs.

CYPRESS gives energy and may help the respiratory and the circulatory system, as well as edema, cellulite, varicose veins, and water retention. It creates a feeling of security when dealing with emotions.

EUCALYPTUS can be diffused in sick rooms to support the respiratory system. It has a camphor-like-quality that may assist your body's efforts to maintain general respiratory health.

GERANIUM with a rose like fragrance aids the body in achieving an overall feeling of peace and health. It encourages a relaxed feeling of emotional security.

LAVENDER is the universal oil which may be beneficial for skin conditions including burns, psoriasis and other rashes. Traditionally lavender is known to help soothe emotional extremes. It helps to create a feeling of well-being, love and peace. A drop on the pillow can assist in a restful nights sleep.

ORANGE may enhance the cleansing of the lymphatic system and relieve digestive problems. May also assist the body in boosting the immune system and easing pre-menstrual changes.

PEPPERMINT is very beneficial to the respiratory system as well as elevating and opening the senses. It enhances alertness, memory, and mental clarity while easing feelings of mental fatigue. One drop gently applied to the temples may reduce the effects of headaches.

WILD ROSEMARY assists in soothing aching muscles and may enhance memory. It soothes feeling of nervous exhaustion. When combined with Peppermint and Lavender, helps to give feeling of relief of headache pain.

TEA TREE sustains the body's ability to address bacterial, fungal and viral infections. This camphor-like-oil supports and strengthens many systems of the body, including the respiratory, urinary, and immune systems.