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Basic Nutrition 101
Diverticular Disease
High Blood Pressure
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Basic Nutrition 101

It never ceases to amaze me how we as individuals are always looking for the silver bullet, the fast fix, instant gratification, and in doing so overlook the obvious. Our bodies are phenomenal, intricate, complex, instruments for which only GOD has the blueprints. We know some of the basics and are learning more each year, concerning the function of body parts, and how we are put together.

One obvious, glaring fact, is that
we cannot continue to abuse, and over use the body and expect it to function at a premium, 100% level all of the time. If you don't make time for a healthy lifestyle, then you need to plan and schedule time to be sick.

I know people who are over nourished (fat), under nourished (skinny-skinny), totally out of physical condition (can't walk around the block without being out of breath), depressed, high cholesterol, low energy, high blood pressure, hyperglycemic, the list goes on and on, and they all have the same question:

What herb, vitamin, mineral, potion, lotion, remedy, cure, drug, or what should I be eating, in order to get past this condition?

We are misled when we go the health food store and find that Gotu Kola will improve memory, ginseng will provide energy, MSM (sulfur) will get rid of aches and pain, and this list goes on and on. It is truth that these products have the capability of doing what the manufacturers claim. However, if our bodies are out of balance, clogged up (see cleanser) stressed out, reacting to drug side effects, then chances are we will not see the results we desire. This is what doctors to. They prescribe drugs to overcome the symptoms. A holistic approach would attempt to provide a solution to the problem. I would also like to note: that prevention is always an option.


THE ANSWER IS BACK TO BASICS: The body needs a proper balance of the basic nutrients in order to stay healthy - It also requires that we avoid some of those luxury items that rob us of energy.

WHAT QUALIFIES AS BASICS: One thing is established for certain, the soil no longer has the minerals it once had, therefore, any plants grown today have a diminished amount of minerals in them. Vitamins come from the synthesis of the sun and plant growth, so theoretically, the plants should be able to provide us with all of the vitamins we need. WRONG, with the fear of passing along some viruses, bugs, bacteria, etc.

The manufacturers over process the food and much of the vitamin content is destroyed. In our ever evolving progressive world we are exposed to more chemicals
(see toxins), toxins, stress, which perpetuate the build up of *free radicals in the body. To counteract this build up I believe we should incorporate an *antioxidant to remove these free radicals.






Cleansing is the foundation of all Cures



According the Merck Manual, 100% of Americans - if they live long enough, will have herniations and pockets of old, festering fecal matter ballooning out from the walls of their intestines. I've read where Doctors doing autopsy's, find between 7 and 30 pounds of mucodal plaque built up in most Americans. This crust like material, adhering to the walls of the intestine, prevents good nutrition from being assimilated. So we need to reverse the order of the cleanse and start with the colon, then the liver and lastly the bloodstream.

The sicker you are the more you need a cleansing program. However, do not endanger yourself. It is essential that you consult a medical doctor before you self-diagnose or self-treat any condition.

1. Cleansing the blood, easily done using a herbal tea remedy.
Whether you want to cure exhaustion, kidney problems, tumors, or anything else, you have to
CLEANSE your BLOODSTREAM. The Bloodstream is the river of life. It carries the nutrients to the cells for energy and carries the by-products away. The liver is the organ which filters much of the toxins from the bloodstream. If it is sluggish and slow then the BLOOD remains in a contaminated state. NEVER CLEANSE YOUR BLOODSTREAM WITH OUT CLEANSING YOUR LIVER FIRST.
2. Cleansing the Liver, a thirty day process of 3 tablets a day. The Liver is the chemical garbage dump of the body. If your liver is plugged up, its like a garbage dump that's already full. Lower your cholesterol, vitalize your sex life, bring health back into your life. However, REMEMBER THAT THE LIVER DUMPS INTO THE GI-TRACT - IF THE COLON IS BLOCKED AND YOU CLEANSE THE LIVER, YOU ARE REALLY IN A MESS.
3. Getting rid of the Mucodal Plaque that has built up over the years. A very simple process using a Herbal Tea taken over a seven day period.  
4. At the end of the Colon Cleanse we will proceed with the liver cleanse in conjunction with a Parasite cleanse.Along with a Liver cleansing product called (Protectiver) which encourages normal bile production as well as a healthy liver function. A thirty day process, we will introduce a broad spectrum anti-parasite supplement (Purge) A two month process, 25 day on - 5 days off - and back for 25 more days.  
5. At the end of the liver cleanse we will introduce (Cassie-Tea Herbal capsules) These capsules will assist in maintaining liver and intestinal health, but will also assist in purifying the circulatory system  
During this time we will ask that you clean up your diet a little. Cutting down on your sugar, (sugar nurtures the growth of yeast in the body) caffeine, (caffeine takes away more energy that it gives) and alcohol (alcohol has empty calories - lots of sugar) intakes. Substituting whole grains for white flower, and adding a good multivitamin, mineral supplement, and fiber to your daily regimens.

We will be adding more health products soon.

Thank you for your patience.

We assume no responsibility in the correct or incorrect use of this information, methods or products. No attempt should be made to use any of this information as a form of treatment without the approval and guidance of your medical doctor.
*Free Radicals - cellular oxidation, toxins, stress, causes the polarity of a molecule to become positively charged, which then pulls electrons from other molecules, disrupting cellular health.

*Antioxidant - a scavenging molecule which grabs a free radical and converts it into an inert state.