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Unique Cancer Risk from Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Harmful or Carcinogenic Ingredients Commonly Found in Products
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Cancer in Your Home?

The number of harmful ingredients used in many of the personal care products on the market today is alarming and senseless. Check the labels of the products that you and YOUR CHILDREN are currently using - You will be SHOCKED!


Ingredients Other Uses Effects Found In
Diethanolamine (DEA)
Cocamide DEA
Lauramide DEA
New Release
  Foam Stabilizer

Emulsifier in agricultural chemicals

Dyeing assistant in
textile processing

Gas conditioning agent
  Evidence of liver and
kidney cancer when just applied to the surface
of the skin.

National Toxicology
Program Draft Reports:

Diethanolamine (DEA)
Cocamide DEA
Lauramide DEA
      Diswashing liquids
      Children's and baby care products

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES)
when mixed with DEA.

Note: SLS nor SLES
alone have not been identified as potential carcinogens.
      Could form nitrates in the bottle during processing, Nitrosamines have been identified as a potential carcinogens.   Shampoo
      Bubble Bath
      Shaving Cream


Ingredients Other Uses Effects Found In
Propylene Glycol   Industrial Antifreeze   Has been found to cause contact dermatitis, hair
loss, kidney damage and liver abnormalities.
  Beauty Creams
            Children's and baby care products
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate   Gargage floor cleaner
Engine Degreaser
Car Soaps
  Could keep childrens eyes from developing properly. Could cause cataracts in adults. Builds up in heart, liver, lungs and brain.   90% of commerical shampoo
Sodium Laureth Sulfate       Bubble Bath
Mineral Oil   Mix of refined hydrocarbons derived from petroleum   May suffocate the skin
by forming an oily film blocking the pores.
  Personal care products
Kaolin Bentonite   Clay   May suffocate the skin   Foundations
Collagen   Animal product   Molecules too large to penetrate the skin and
can clog pores. May
cause allergic reaction.
Beeswax   Sticky Sealant   Attracts pollutants, dirt,
and bacteria, which then adhere to the skin and
seal the pores
  Personal care products

Many of the "hyped" ingredients procollagen, collegen, elastin and hyaluronic acides found in most cosmetic brands cannot penetrate the skin because of the high molecular weight and are of little benefit. Other virtually useless ingredients are insoluble, oil-based Vitamin A (Retinyl Palminate), Placental Extracts and Royal Bee Jelly.

Why continue to use products with these potentially harmful ingredients, when safe and effective alternative are available?

NEWAYS products do not contain these potentially harmful ingredients. Click here to browse the catalog.

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