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Cancer in your home
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Unique Cancer Risk from Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Harmful or Carcinogenic Ingredients Commonly Found in Products
Frank and Hidden Carcinogens
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Cancer Prevention Coalition
( A not-for-profit public interest organizati

Join the CANCER PREVENTION COALITION: Fighting for the phasing out of Carcinogens in households products, cosmetics and toiletries, food, air , water, and the workplace.

Please Click here for a copy of the membership form

Basic Membership:
One year, #35.00 - Includes CPC newsletter, one year's subscription

Professional Membership:
One year $100 to $1000 (for professionals, lawyers, and executives) Includes CPC newsletter one year's subscription - Choice of a resource listed - A certificate of appreciation

Benefactor & Corporate Membership: One year, $1000 and above - Includes CPC newsletter, one year's subscription - A certificate of Appreciation - All resources listed - Audio and Video

Office (regional or Local) Membership: One year, $100 - Includes - Basic membership - 1 Starter Kit (database manager, chapter certificate - daily forms, copies of promotional audio's or videos) - Access to periodic conference calls.

Whatever level of membership you choose, you are helping the CPC to prevent cancer.

Thank You!

1. Back issues of CPC Newsletters - Nine previous newsletters with information including the "Dirty Dozen List" of carcinogenic consumer products (household cosmetics and toiletries, and foods) and of safe alternatives. $50 for complete set.

Cancer Alert Packages - These contain information on 20 selected avoidable causes of cancer including talcum power, "dirty dozen" consumer products, and unsafe household products. $50 for complete set.

Scientific Publications on Cancer Prevention - Six major publication. Includes "Unsafe Cleaning Products," "Cancer Risk of Hormonal Milk," "Evaluation of the National Cancer Program and Proposed Reforms," and Losing the War against Cancer: Who's to Blame and What to Do about it." $50 for complete set.

CPC 2000 Press Releases - Ten 2000 releases dealing with a variety of issues including consumer product safety and how to win the war against cancer. $50 for complete set.