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Massage Testimonials
Michael McCright has done what many physicians and surgeons could not do with their medications and suggested surgeries. He has replaced the persistent pain in my shoulder with a long awaited range of motion. In a few short months of deep muscle therapy I am no longer taking pain medications or anti-inflammatory drugs. Physicians said it could only be done with surgery, if at all. Michael did it with massage therapy. Melody Crook

Michael McCright has been my body therapist for the past year. He is without a doubt the finest professional in the field of massage that I have ever known.
Carol Goodman, Business Owner

Mind/Body work by Michael has finally healed the last of the trauma from my auto accident 8 years ago and helped me achieve a higher level of wellness than I ever thought would be possible again. Michael's hands work magic!
Michele Nash-Hoff, Business Owner

I developed a "rock like feeling" in my solar plexus. I had gone to a bland / soft food diet - with not a lot of luck. After one session, I could go and eat what I pleased and have not had a problem since. Michael is "my manipulative wizard".
Joann "Joie" Vickery, RN

For the past several years I have studied martial arts and yoga in an effort to understand therapeutic breath and find ways to incorporate conscious breathing in my everyday life. It was only through working with Michael that I really began to experience and learn how to breath fully. Michael is an extremely gifted therapist. There is no one like him.
Kerry Burt, Artist

The sensations, emotions, thoughts that start to come forth. A new awakening and peacefulness occur as you begin to develop an new outlook of yourself. Just learning proper breathing techniques can help get you through situations of fear, trauma or of being uncomfortable. This form of massage helps you work through much of the hidden "baggage" which most of us carry around, day to day.
Dorthy Hoppe, Housewife

My foot problems were brought on by chemotherapy. Before the massage therapy I was unable to walk without pain. My feet have now improved to the point that I can wear dress shoes and walk for hours without pain in my feet. You have the "magic touch"!
Jean Troiano,Survivor

I am a professional nurse practitioner, educated in the medical and nursing sciences. In my quest for a higher understanding of the mind and body, I found Michael. I have gained enormous amounts of energy and knowledge from Michael and have been able to heal many old wounds and receive a higher state of conscious. Michael's encouragement and suggestions have assisted in my improvement, both emotionally and physically.
Deborah Umlauf, CRnA, BSN

After many years of sports injuries, I was sore from head to toe. I have receive a lot of therapy throughout my career. What I would like to say it that Michael is by far the best therapist I have ever experienced.
Richard Brown, Small Business Owner