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Bacteria/Fungus & Parasites
Eliminator Mouthwash Uses
(Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide)


  ODORS / STUFFY SMELLS / PET ODORS / STALE SMOKE ODORS / FURNITURE & CARPET SMELLS: spray area well and let dry. For pet accidents on rugs or furniture, blot excess wetness, saturate area with spray and let dry. Rugs: spray directly on rug or put into shampoo unit, use a rinse and let dry. Spay sofa, etc. 10 to 15 minutes before company comes - it freshens up a room. For stale smoke smell in cars, spray carpets, headliners and seats.


  BAD BREATH / STALE MOUTH REFRESHER: Absolutely, It's a great mouthwash! Use it at night with Radiance or Ultra shine toothpaste - No more morning mouth. Keep a small spray bottle of Eliminator in your purse or pocket. Use as Spritzer - Kissing sweet, Great for smokers too.


  FOOT ODOR / SMELLY FEET: After showering, spray feet and let dry. Spray your sneakers and shoes also.


  SICK ROOMS: Spray areas that come in contact with patients; telephone, bedding, vomit, urine accidents, food trays and commode.


  AIR CONDITIONERS: After cleaning, spray filter before reuse.


  REFRIGERATOR / FREEZER ODORS: Clean out old stale food and spray generously, let dry. Don't forget the veggie bin.


  SHOWER CURTAINS: Spray to wet surface thoroughly and let dry. Deters mildew and odors.


  REFRESH: Tea Pots, Baby Bottles, Thermos Bottles, Plastic Juice containers, Canning Jars / Storage containers. Vaporizers / Mist units. Wash out and let dry, Spray with eliminator before storing.


  ONION ODORS: Hands, Cutting Boards or Breath. Spray rinse and let dry.


  HEAD ODORS: Shampoo and rinse, towel dry, spray eliminator throughout, comb and dry.


  BEARD BLEMISHES / RASH (folliculitis): Wash with cleanser or shower gel, rub eliminator into affected skin areas.


  ACNE: Rub eliminator over affected areas, let it dry completely before applying imperfection lotion.


  TONER / SKIN REFRESHER: Spray lightly or apply with cotton ball. Allow to air dry. Use chilled on a hot day!


  THIN HAIR: Wash with 2nd Chance Shampoo, towel dry, pour several drops of Eliminator on scalp, massage and let dry. Then massage in 2nd Chance Conditioner. For best results cover the head with a hot moist towel for about 5 minutes after applying conditioner.


  BOAT CUSHIONS - OUTDOOR CUSHIONS - LUGGAGE: Spray a let dry. Gets rid of mildew and stale orders.


  VEGETABLES: Keep your vegies fresh and without mold. Spray them with Eliminator before putting them in the refrigerator.


  PET CAGES: Gerbils / reptiles / mice / hermit crabs, Wash out heavy deposits - spray inside well - let stand for 5 to 10 minutes -- rinse with clear water.


  CAR SICKNESS / VOMIT: Clean up excess - spray well. Don't leave home without it.


  TOILET TRAINING: Spray wall, and floor around toilet and bowl. Spray potty chairs too.