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Breathing Effectively

The Release Breath

A Heathly Exercise to reduce STRESS,
enhance one's well-being and
overcome old dysfunctional habits.

The Release Breath is one way of breathing they can be utilized in a variety of ways. It can be used to release stress, tension and anxiety in the body. It is a way of releasing built-up emotions and letting go of pent-up feelings that affect our every day associations with other people.

It is a very simple breath to develop, but can sometimes be hard to implement at the desired time.

Picture yourself doing something that frightens you (like getting up in front of a crowd to speak, or the last time it rained and every fool in town was out on the freeway). Did you catch yourself holding your breath and tightening up? If you did, you are normal. It is defined in psychology as the “fight or flight” syndrome. When you hold your breath, your body naturally tightens up.

Now think of the last time you came home from a hard day at the   fill in the blank  . You walked in the door, took a deep breath and sighed it out, letting your shoulders drop and the tension flow out of your body.

That breath is the release breath!

The Release Breath is done by inhaling a breath in, as deeply as possible. The process of diaphragmatic breathing (breathing into the belly) is done by: Breathing deeply and filling the lower part of the lungs. After they are filled completely, continue to inhale until the upper-part of the lungs is filled. The breath should be done slowly and comfortably. When the lungs are completely filled the idea is to relax the diaphragm and release the breath. The object is not to force the breath out, nor should you blow it out or control it in any fashion.

When you release the breath, think of a sigh. Ahhhhhhhh! Immediately after exhaling completely, the next inhale should start. Make sure that you do not pause at the top of an inhale or the bottom of an exhale. Any pause between the end of and inhale and the start of the exhale is considered holding the breath and/or controlling and should be eliminated. Any pause between the end of an exhale is also considered a holding of the breath and should also be eliminated.

It is preferred that you breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Your focus should be on your inhale and you should just let the exhale happen. The exhale will normally happen faster than the inhale.

Of course we would like for you to develop this as a habit. Hopefully it would happen naturally and automatically during times of stress. The only way to develop a habit is through practice. If you practice it when you don't need it, it will begin to happen automatically when you do need it.

The Three Breath Exercise

The Three Breath Exercise, practiced as recommended, will develop this automatic habit.

1. Inhale a full breath, breathing deep down into the belly. Let the breath out in a big sigh and drop the shoulders at the same time.

2. Take a second deep breath, and when sighing it out, let the chin drop towards the chest.

3. Take a third deep breath, and when exhaling, allow the entire body to sag for 5 to 10 seconds.

Again, practice this Three Breath Exercise when you don't need it.

Practice this breathing exercise while sitting at stop lights or stop signs and every time you sit on the pot. Use the above as triggers to remind you to breathe.

It only takes about 35 seconds to do and it's free, so no excuses for not doing it!


For more information, contact Michael.

The Science of Healthy Breathing.


Become willing to change, to do things differently, and your life will change.

The Release Breath

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