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Weight Matters / Over Fat & Obese
According to the National Center for Health Statistics
Sixty-four percent of U.S. Adults are overweight or obese. (1999-2000)

I hear large people in all sorts of conversations saying that all they desire is to be accepted as they are. It is as if the only thing they had to worry about was their outward image.

Being over fat / obese has far greater hazards than smoking or heaving drinking. (click here to see risks) It is the number one contributor to the health care crisis in America today. Being obese raises the chances of getting cancer by 50%. Adult onset diabetes (type II diabetes) is a diet generated disease. Obesity increases the chances of getting Heart Disease by 40%. Arterial diseases, high cholesterol, breathing problems, are problems that go hand in hand with being overweight or obese. The list goes on and on.

Weight loss (fat loss) requires an increase in activity (burning excess calories), an increase in muscle mass (increased metabolism) and a decrease in caloric intake. You can stimulate the metabolism with drugs (all speed freaks I know are skinny) though I don't advise this because of the many adverse side effects. Those looking for any other quick fix methods are in for a rude awakening.
Any time you are taking in more calories than you are expending your body will automatically store the excess as fat.

A consideration before we start to lose (fat) weight is that we must realize that fat is a wonderful soluble solution for storing things, i.e. Toxins. When people loose weight (fat) too fast they dump a lot of toxins into the body. This overstresses the liver and leads to discomfort. Therefore, it is my recommendation that all weight loss should be conducted on a slow methodical basis and over a long period of time.

A couple of other facts you may want to take into consideration might be Food Combining (for those with gas and IBS problems), the Acidity or Alkalinity level of the body. Many in the field of nutrition believe that an acidic body will lead to many low level problems, such as asthma, allergies, and skin problems.

The things that build up acid in the body tissues include: stress, protein, and alcohol, sugar, salt, tobacco, negative emotions, and lack of sleep, fizzy drinks, and coffee. The biochemical action of the "alkalisers" is provided by their minerals, not their vitamins, and by the body's digestive system which produces an alkaline ash in response to their consumption.

There are many diets being promoted today: Atkins, Protein Power, Zone, Covert Bailey's Fit or Fat, Dr. Dean Ornish's low fat - high carbohydrate, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, The metabolic Typing Diet, and the list goes on and on.

Successful fat loss requires a lifestyle change. We must develop eating and exercise habits that will assist us in getting in and staying in shape forever.

The ways in which the BodyMind Connection can help are numerous. We offer nutritional suggestions that will assist in defining what it is that fits your style of living. Hypnotherapy can be utilized to make it easier to refrain from making unhealthy choices and to increase will power. BodyMind Connection has a full line of nutritional supplements that will balance the body and enhance the weight (fat loss) process. Activity coaching that will best fit your lifestyle is also available.

I recommend a Cleansing (Detoxification) program which can and will assist your body's digestive system to function more efficiently. This body system enhancement will help eliminate the toxins faster. To begin the process, click here

Phase I: A diet for serious, dedicated, committed individuals who want to get a fast start on their fat loss program - This is a 21 day program to launch your fat loss program It is not required to start here. For a quick beginning, click here

Tools: Keeping track of eating habits.
21 days to freedom card
Goal card
Choice card
Transit time sheet
Measurement sheet

Liver cleanse and Gallstone flush.